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Client Comments

Ken L., Lakeville Very happy with wall repair and would like estimate for future painting.
Peg E., Maplewood Were completely satisfied with the work you did; no flaws whatsoever in the finished room.
Patricia R., Crystal The best of the best! Thank you.
Mickey W., Eden Prairie Really nice job. Thanks.
Tom H., Robbinsdale Great work!  Thank you.

Tips from A Fresh Look, Inc.

Tips from A Fresh Look

Accepting the lowest bid is not always the best method of choosing a contractor.  Sorting through estimates and selecting the right contractor for your project can be difficult and time consuming. 

Anyone can buy a small amount of equipment and advertise themselves as a painter - offering a low price because they have neither the expertise nor experience to deliver high quality workmanship that only comes from the professional.  To help separate the novice from the pro we offer these basic tips to aid you in your search.

  • Down payments?  We advise potential customers to avoid those proposals that require a down payment.  Some homeowners have experienced a contractor completely abandoning a project after receiving a down payment.  The urgency to complete a project is no longer there.  A painting company of any worth should have enough resources to purchase materials for a project, and have enough confidence in its ability to complete the project in a satisfactory manner so that payment will be no problem. 
  • Check references!  If you are not satisfied with the references offered by the contractor - ask for more!  Any contractor who has been in business for any length of time will have a large number of references to offer.
  • Insurance is very important.  Confirm that the contractor is insured with liability and workers' compensation coverage.
  • Warranty. Does the contractor offer a warranty on his/her workmanship?  Make sure the warranty covers all aspects of the project, including peeling and chipping.

These are just a few suggestions to help you in making an informed decision. 

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